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Dec 11, 2012 2:00am PST
to switzerland, for instance. >> 66-year-old george moved to switzerland 20 years ago to set up a software company in geneva. he made over 200 million euros. now, many of his fellow greeks are looking to follow in his footsteps, and he can see why -- not only does he love the beautiful swiss countryside and the country's efficiency, he also appreciates its low rate of taxation. >> it is not illegal, but morally unacceptable that in some comfort -- countries, you have to pay 50% tax. anybody who wants to have a good quality life -- i find it proper no more. it has to do with tax. >> tax regulation is especially business friendly, which is why thousands of businesses are headquartered, at least on paper, here. a growing number of greek businesses are here as well. christoph knows why. he has just helped a company set up business. in switzerland, the corporate tax rate is just 5%, compared to 20% in greece. he shows colleagues how he said it up. tax breaks are one of several factors that make switzerland highly attractive to businesses. >> if you base your business here, you are in g
Dec 19, 2012 1:30am EST
switzerland bus crash. i am at my house, and i screamed. i had just talked to you, i had seen you days prior. i could not believe you had died in a bus crash. the driver of the bus did die. what was going on in switzerland. >> we had just finished and monte carlo, the jazz festival. at the show, we had a long trek to holland. that is about 3:00, 4:00 in the morning. i am starting to come up, and i feel like it is vertigo. the impact causes the bus to fall on its side. from all the people here, crashing into people, it was pretty crazy. after a while, the rescue workers came and got us. the guy was like 23 years old, these guys that are amazingly talented. i was terrified. i thought it would prevent them from playing or whatever. ours is going from guide to die. let me see you move your lips. where is the other driver? he did not make it. it was horrible. in my situation, it is really difficult. i was glad that the other guys are ok. everybody is home and recuperating. tavis: those of us that are marked as miller fans, that track, that new project was his first in public since he surviv
Dec 17, 2012 3:30am PST
beautiful, "chocolat," which shows one guy which is italian, and he goes to work in switzerland. he is not integrated at all. what does he do? he preaches his hair blond to be integrated, to look as if he was from switzerland. at a football game, he is looking with all the other men, and it is italy against switzerland. at one time, the italians win. i find it beautiful and emotional at the same time. he betrayed himself through that reaction, and at the same time, it was beautiful, but at the same time, it is sad that you have to change your color or to hide it. that you have to do something like that to deny even your origin. you have to be proud of your urgent and to show it. >> you are giving me a challenge and a challenge -- giving me a challenge and yourself a challenge. what about cult? that is not something to hide behind. it is so out there, and yet, it can be quite important part of your collection. why? >> i have been very marked by the movement. -- what about punk? >> it is not like a creation, absolute. it is part of living in society. of course, the punk movement was very imp
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Dec 1, 2012 12:00am PST
in the city of burn? according to a report switzerland will be the best place for a baby entering the world in 2013. the u.s., a dismal 16th on the list. a long fall for america which was ranked first in 1988. the economist intelligence unit aimes to measure which country will provide the best opportunities for healthy, safe and prosperous lives ahead. 1k3* the winner of this year's lottery of life are wee ones births in switzerland, australia, norway, sweden and denmark. which i am sure are one country. this thing is already very suspect. the economist says the index was compiled using 11 statistically ipped caters noting being rich helps more than anything else, but things like crime, trust and public institutions and health of the family life matter too. all of this raises a question, can dogs jump over bottles? >> well, that's all of the evidence i need. dogs cannot jump over bottles. bernard, this is supposed to measure which countries will provide the healthiest, happiest life. but can we trust this study at all? >> well, first of all, let me just say i am offended that the stud
Dec 2, 2012 7:00pm PST
" has already flown more than 2,500 miles from switzerland to north africa and back. the goal-- to make it around the world in 20 days and 20 nights. >> "solar impulse," you are cleared to proceed. have a good flight. >> simon: it looks like it's flown straight out of jules verne. it's so light, it weighs less than an s.u.v., and needs only 165 yards of runway to take off, compared to over a mile for a commercial jet. it has unnaturally long wings. rather than fly, the plane seems to glide like a giant dragonfly. >> bertrand piccard: andre... >> simon: the plane was created by bertrand piccard and his business partner, andre borschberg, and if there ever was an odd couple, you're looking at them. andre is a pilot and an engineer, but never worked on building an airplane. until six years ago, bertrand didn't even know how to fly one. he's a psychiatrist, an expert in hypnosis, and one of the most intense human beings we've ever met. we saw the plane take off and land last night. never seen anything like it >> bertrand piccard: an airplane like this doesn't exist anywhere else. >> si
Dec 10, 2012 4:00am EST
we're seeing in germany, in switzerland and they've indicated that china is taking steps. you're right, they're losing their favorite punching bag. we'll be back with you, ross, in a bit. hopefully the weather will improve behind you and the rain stops. >> it was actually heavy, nice, big fat snowflakes. as it has stopped snowing, they've got slanted windows so it looks wet on the windows. >> ross westgate interviewing pascal lamy there. as indicated, china's growth has improved, maybe on track to pass beijing's 7.5% gdp target for the year. but the trade data highlights the vulnerability of risk from abroad. high, unus. >> hi, kelly. that's exactly right. a lot of people here have been talking about how the trade data highlights the fragility of the export numbers here. the exports came in at 9% growth. but that was supposed to be a slowdown. tim port numbers came in at zero growth and a lot of people were expecting to see an easing of 2% growth. so the figures that came out really were underscoring people's concerns, especially in the manufacturing sector about the health of th
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Dec 20, 2012 1:00am PST
let's take the top three. switzerland, australia, norway. hey. miller? >> and they're all the same to me. one has got the alps in the middle. one has got a big rock in the middle. all these places that are cold, i don't want to be the mayor of a hamlet in lap land. knock i could care less. sweden, are you kidding me? incorporate march bergman was an optimist. he saw thed me cup half full. they comp everything over there. even your state run funeral after you off yourself in your late 20's because you folded your hold card as far as motivation goes from day one. i'm just not interested. i dig the big hunking what a mess united states. i don't want the government in my life. i'm not a militia guy up in coeur d'alene. let me say. this when i look at more johns like schumer and pelosi and joe biden, i think is this really who we want to turn it all over to? >> that's why i think we are 16 because babies will be frightened when they finally wake up and they see some of the people you mentioned looming ahead of them with power. >> yeah. 16th. when it really hits the fan. and they start blow
Dec 1, 2012 4:03pm EST
switzerland, they have only seven ministers. i think it is a very complicated, ineffective political system. we must change the political system. it is impossible to change reality with only two parties. at least four or five parties are necessary. but it is difficult to change political traditions, political and barman, political reality. we spent too much -- political environment, political reality. we spend too much money to change the law. it is a difficult political situation we have. only one government in our history since 1948 has fulfilled a legal term. it was the gold my air -- golda meierboal th government, thanks to the yom kippur wall. our decision in this election to move forward as one big party was the first up towards this political reform. it is impossible to only preach and teach to others. you must give yourself some example of what you're willing to do. it was a small party that started as a liberal party. step after step, they took the power. for real political forms, we need political blocs, and i hope to see it the next knesset this new reality, presidential election
Dec 2, 2012 7:00am PST
see switzerland is anti-fragile. why? >> fragile is something that doesn't like disorder. if something happens it breaks. probably very fragile place needless so would be saudi arabia. somebody robust doesn't break, doesn't care. >> that's important. >> there's fragile systems before the crisis. then there's robust systems which are better than fragile but anti-fragile for you are those that actually view change and volatility as an opportunity. >> as fuel. it's sort of like hydra. the last thing it needs for you to harm it. we know what fragilizes. top down, soviet style fragilizes. >> switzerland is good because it's this commune base political system where there's a lot of experimentation? >> exactly. people don't make the same mistake all the time. when something works they all adopt it. there's something quite central. a mouse is vastly more robust than an elephant. if an elephant breaks a leg quickly, a mouse, let's not experiment. a lot after small animals is vastly more robust than having large animals. people don't understand that size is not a good thing. >> what ab
Dec 5, 2012 3:00pm PST
the sublime led him to travel to switzerland in search of wild landscapes that were thrillingly vast, and remote. he turned edmund burke's vision in any direction he chose. he imbued biblical subjects lie the fifth plague of egypt with the awesome power of nature's destructive forces. the swirling mists of the alpine blizzard that the carthaginian general hannibal and his army encountered while crossing into italy merged the sublime with the vaunted genre of history painting. turner was always attentive to his career. he had opened a gallery of his own where he could show his works-- and keep the sales commissions. the 31 year-old painter was appointed professor of perspective at the royal academy. he used that pulpit to promote the possibilities of landscape painting as equal to history painting, urging his students by saying-- (reader) "to select combine and concentrate that which is beautiful in nature and admirable in art is as much the business of the landscape painter in his line as in the other departments of art." (narrator) turner lived through one of the most patriotic peri
Dec 4, 2012 2:30pm PST
. switzerland is a perfect place where you have volatility at the municipal level, but nothing of talk. the exact perfect on stable system is like saudi arabia or egypt. egypt before the arab spring, we had no information for 40 years. no information. a system artificially stabilized and you have hidden risks under the surface and you do not know what they are. that is what happened with the arab spring and now we are seeing things and it may turn into a total mess. the system is fragile last by depriving it from some rigid depriving it of political ofatility -- depriving it political volatility. tavis: doesn't always lead to greater strength? >> you want to -- does it always lead to greater strength? >> you want to favor the systems. unfortunately, the more the government becomes intrusive, the more things have to follow a script. it cannot handle this type of system. we are in a situation today where a lot of countries got there because of trial and error. it does not work that way. there are other problems involved, which is a moral hazard. in the past, people were harmed by their o
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Dec 16, 2012 2:30am EST
happened today. >> if you look at switzerland and israel where they don't have gun laws, they have the lowest murder rates. look at israel. people carry guns around on their shoulders. it's not -- >> it's not guns people killing people, it's the people killing people. >> they don't have any gun laws. you see what i'm saying? it's not banning guns that's going to make a change. we need a dialogue? yes. going against second amendment, it's not solving anything. lou: andrea mitchell addressing the issue of ambassador rice and insisting, again, on attaching a racial motivation to the legitimate furry and a representative armed government lying to the american people. then dismissing it as a matter of color. could show be more insulte >> well, she couldn't be more wrong. i mean, ambassador rice withdrew, said herself she saw her nomination would be controversial, not only because of the the tragedy in libya, but her actions and support for dictators in africa when she was the assistant sec secretary. nothing to do with race, lou. lou: angela? >> listen, lou, it's what liberals do best.
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Dec 4, 2012 10:00am PST
places to be born. nowhere. are we trying to send a different message? number one, switzerland. number five, denmark. number 9, canada. they are above us. ireland is, too. austria why taiwan, belgium, germany. there we are, 16. how did we get here? michael reagan is a political consultant and chairman of the reagan group. the hill is a little lower dish don't know -- somebody needs to mow the grass. people are no longer building their houses on it. your thoughts. >> more government intrusion into our lives. in 1990 we were rated number one in the world and we dropped to 16th since then. what's the difference? in 1988 we had confidence in our government. we had a government that worked together, the house, the senate, the president of the united states. there were battles but they got things done. largest tax break in the american history. the 1990s bill clinton, newt gingrich, welfare reform, a balanced budget. confidence in our government to work together. since then we lost confidence in our government to do absolutely anything. we have left our children a $16 trillion debt. we have
Dec 19, 2012 5:30am PST
markets. it is the second-biggest fine levied on a bank. switzerland that the ubs agreed to pay $1.5 billion in penalties. regulators in the u.s., u.k. and sorts when charged ubs and manipulating a key interest rate known as libor. >> his was person -- pervasive manipulation of global benchmark interest rates by dozens of staff across three continents. and the heavy fine reflects the regulator's concerns. the ubs chief executives said those of all but the extent of the fraud and bribes maybe revealed by further criminal investigations. in just one instance revealed by the u.k. financial services authority, ubs made corrupt payments of around $24,000 a quarter for 18 months to brokers to thank them for helping them manipulate the global industry. libor is used to price more than $350 trillion of contracts around the world. potential losers include pension funds, insurance companies, and individuals. more than a dozen banks have been caught up in an international inquiry and there are more cases to come. >> i would imagine there are probably more skeletons in the covered, and that real
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Nov 30, 2012 7:00pm PST
explain to me what the hell is happening at the large hedron collider over there in switzerland, right. >> and not america, okay. not america. >> we had our chance. >> we did. >> it makes it hard to trust if it doesn't happen in the united states, doesn't it, science is everywhere. >> the same science,. >> really? >> in geneva as in new york city. >> but during the cold war when we were fighting the soviets our german scientists were better than their. >> different in different places. >> just want to make sure. explain to me again because i understand it when you explain it to me but the moment you leave the room it evaporates out of my head. >> coy explain that using science. >> okay, okay. what is the higg-bosan and why is it. >> so bag-- back in the day the early 60s fis quist-- physicists were try tounged stand the nuclear forces that hold together the nuclear a tomorrow and they couldn't. they kept coming up with this idea that it was spread out all over the place which it clearly doesn't so they came up with this bizarre-sounding idea that empath-- empty space is filled w
Dec 1, 2012 2:30pm PST
africa and i just reflected on a trip i took with dr. marshall outside of the country to switzerland. we were in swirts land for two weeks i believe and just leaving the united states of america and see the world it held me to reflect on that night at the omega boys club, ndz night of course when the omega boys club told me you stick with us, we will help you see the world. i didn't know they meant that literally. i just thought they meant like giving me good talk to stay in the club. i wanted to take x?rknvrt time also to publicly thank the club'sc7 founders dr. joseph marshall jr. and jack, those two gentlemen have helped (mv and shape the form of the person i am today. i$ñ?ñ? am a servant o/1 servant of keeping young people alive and free and thank you all again for this marvelousyk /2ru0 awardñañ?ñ?. >> [applause.] >> good evening,)ñ?ñ? commissioners. superintendent carranza. i wanted to congratulate reelected commissioners norton,f vy m wynns, and fewer. congratulations on your reelection. 14 years ago, which makes me seem a little older than i would like to admit, i grad
Dec 24, 2012 6:30pm PST
this year. it is better to just sit in the garden and enjoy things. >> switzerland is reporting record temperatures as well. these have shed their winter coats for a cool dip. this christmas, the only snow will be on the mountain tops. >> there will be a lot of well wishing from merry christmas to happy new year, but what exactly is happiness? >> that's a very good question. we went ahead and ask anyway. here are some of the answers we got. ♪ >> being have been means unexpected things happen and change live in ways, not for yourself but also for your family, the environment, the country. >> personal happiness is when my family as well and we can see each other from time to time. >> i believe you have to help make happiness happen. you do not leave everything to chance. it depends on you to make happiness what you wanted to. >> happiness is a fleeting feeling that you often do not understand or notice. you just realize it when it is gone. >> somewhat for happiness in family life, others of their careers. i am in a phase of my life that is career-oriented. i will be happy when i
Dec 26, 2012 4:30am PST
genetic component to how children feel pain. researchers at geneva university in switzerland analyzed the dna of 168 kids recovering from major surgery. well, the young patients with a certain gene variant felt more pain. >>> a warning this morning about a popular cosmetic medicine. the food and drug administration is warning hundreds of medical practices that botox they have could be bad. cbs reporter amber lee explains how patients can make sure they are getting the real thing. >> reporter: it's a drug that works wonders. botox used for a variety of medical reasons. the most popular use of botox is to help temporarily stop the aging process. but now the food and drug administration is warning 350 medical practices that the botox they have could be bad. >> this is very disconcerting on many levels. >> reporter: the fda says the medical offices bought botox from a canadian supplier and it could be unsafe because it's not fda-approved. a letter was sent to the doctors saying, the fda is very concerned that products distributed by the suppliers may cause harm to patients because they ma
Dec 19, 2012 4:00pm PST
a man of my word. the bank has been punished by switzerland, the u.k., and the u.s. >> make no mistake. for u.b.s. traders, the manipulation of libor is about getting rich. as one broker told a derivatives trader, you are getting bloody good at this game. think of me when you are on your yacht in monaco, won't you? >> it is a 1 billion pound fine too much or too little or about right? >> it is not about the fine. what we have got to see is criminal sanctions. the money is tax deductible. certainly the government is amending to make sure if the money goes to good causes and not back to the regulator, but it has to be about sanctions. >> it was so systematic it is now impossible to have confidence in any of the main libor prices over the next few years. libor rates underpinned trillions of dollars, and as they start to sue, they will be looking for a huge damages that could turn out to be a multiple, even of the huge bank finance. more than a dozen big banks are being investigated for rate rating. earlier this year barclays was hit with one for 90 million pounds in fines and pena
Dec 5, 2012 8:00am PST
switzerland. we were in swirts land for two weeks i believe and just leaving the united states of america and see the world it held me to reflect on that night at the omega boys club, ndz night of course when the omega boys club told me you stick with us, we will help you see the world. i didn't know they meant that literally. i just thought they meant like giving me good talk to stay in the club. i wanted to take x?rknvrt timeo founders, dr. joseph marshall jr., and jack, those shape the form of the person i am today. keeping young people alive and free, and thank you awardñañ?ñ?. >> [applause.] >> good evening,)ñ?ñ? commissio. superintendent carranza. i wanted to congratulate wynns, and fewer. congratulations on your reelection. 14 years ago, which makes
Dec 21, 2012 6:00am PST
that i really love cats. without my garfield id, i left havana in 1981 and went to zurich, switzerland, thanks to james joyce. my dancing there became walking through the silence of the city. instead of people looking at me like my family did when i was a child, people began to ask me, where are you from? i felt disoriented, exiled. the changing perception of nature, religious views, philosophical and political opinions, botanical knowledge and idiomatic sounds, everything new. i asked myself many times for a specific reason why my irish family went to cuba and began searching for missing pieces of my irish history in irish, cuban, and catalan archives to discover before me that i had a fascinating history of displacement and transformations in various geographic setings. my book, ticket it ride, is a personal journey towards the past and the present. there is no one but many places i belong to: havana, dublin, mahon, barcelona, and since the lay 80's, the bay area. so thank you very much. . >> i'm going to do this in about 5 parts. i hope you will bear with me. first of all, i want to
Dec 13, 2012 5:00pm PST
european central bank as well as the central banks of canada, britain and switzerland. the leaders agreed to extend the foreign currency liquidity swap by one year. the arrangement was set to expire next february. the bank of japan whether to join the plan at the policy meeting next week. it was introduced last november when commercial banks had trouble getting money from the markets due to the european credit concerns. the bank leaders say their decision shows they're taking all possible measures to ease global financial strains. >>> more business headlines for you next hour. here's a check on markets. >>> north korea's state-run media say the country's media oversaw the highly publicized launch this week. others say it was actually a long-range ballistic missile test. they say kim jong-un ordered the launch of the satelte a 8:00 a.m. on wednesday. he's then seen clapping his hands in celebration at what seems to be the control center in pyongyang. following the launch kim said the north must put more satellites into orbit to develop its if he can nolg and stimulate the economy. the nort
Dec 18, 2012 7:00pm PST
last 20 years, an area bigger than the size of switzerland has been stolen or banded. today, only 58 -- over 50% of the land is controlled by 1% of the population. under a new law, the government is promising to return some of the land to the farmers, even if many never held formal ownership. >> i think it is a very important first step because it constitutes recognition on the part of the government that land constitution is a problem and that many peasants rights have been violated. throughout this long conflict. what colombia needs is a systematic land reform. >> a dozen families were awarded titles. but recovering the land is just the first challenge. >> i am glad for the title. means i can work the land again. maybe even get along. but we still need protection. many of us -- we need roads, electricity, water. >> land reform is the first point of the peace talks between the government and the rebels group farc. each side differs on the model but both agree this is the issue that needs to be resolved before the country can advance. >> now to india where the humble banana is being
Dec 19, 2012 6:00pm PST
., britain and switzerland. the u.s. justice department formally announced the deal today. the charges stem from the bank's attempt to manipulate a key interest rate known as libor. attorney general eric holder said two former u.b.s. traders will face criminal charges. >> these alleged conspirators and others at u.b.s. manipulated the benchmark interest rate upon which many consumer financial products, including credit cards, student loans and mortgages, are frequently based. they defrauded the company's counterparties of millions of dollars. >> sreenivasan: the two traders are currently in britain and switzerland. justice department officials said they will seek extradition for both. the u.s. army will pursue the death penalty for a soldier accused of killing 16 afghan villagers last march. the announcement came today in the case of staff sergeant robert bales. he was in his fourth deployment to a war zone when he allegedly attacked a pair of afghan villages. bales' faces a court martial at joint base lewis-mcchord near seattle. no member of the u.s. military has been executed since 1
Dec 1, 2012 9:00am EST
. similar laws are in progress in italy as well. in switzerland after a campaign designed to appeal to fears of a muslim takeover, a popular referendum voted by 57% to ban the construction of minarets associated with mosques, despite the fact that very few mosques in switzerland actually have minarets, there are only four minarets and the whole country on of 150 mosques and in consequence the architectural issue is clearly symbolic. in july of 2011, terror struck northern europe. murdered approximately 76 people in twin attacks bombing barbara and -- government buildings and shooting young representatives of the labor party who had gathered on the island for a youth camp. he confessed to the crimes but claims that he is not at fault, at least on the day of the attacks, 1500 page manifesto in which he outlined a series -- a theory supporting his actions based on the idea that europe must fight against the surge of islam, he evidently has ties with a variety of anti islamic movements. i go into that in the book. in the u.s. the legal side is somewhat better owing to our long constitution
Dec 23, 2012 2:00pm EST
learning. in switzerland some years ago they were trying to decide where to locate a nuclear waste site. they identified nobody wants one in their backyard. they identify a small town in the mountains that's likely to be the safest place of the nuclear storage but under the law they had to get the approval of a local community and so before the decision was made, a survey was done to the residents of this small town in the thrift would you vote to approve this despite the risks 51% said yes and then they asked the second question, a sweetened the deal. they said the parliament chooses your time for the nuclear waste and offers to pay in hot competition for the risk each resident of the town an annual sum of money at the the cut to $8,000 a year then would you accept it and then how many do you think said yes? 90, 80? other guesses it went down from 51% to 25%. the number fell in half. why should this be? why should this be from the standpoint of the standard economic reasoning if you offer people money to do something, the number of people willing to do that should increase. why did it
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Dec 17, 2012 3:00pm EST
later this week. close to finalizing a deal in the united states, the uk and switzerland in which the bank will pay roughly 1.5 alien dollars. morgan stanley paying $5 million fine to the state of massachusetts over facebook ipo. the complaint against the banking giant cited improper influence of bankers over wall street analysts. morgan stanley shifted into fox business state is pleased to have reached a settlement and put the matter behind us. american drivers are getting more relief at the pump as gas prices dropped to the lowest level of the year. according to aaa daily fuel gauge, the national average is down $3.25 per gallon. we continue our countdown to the closing bell with liz claman. liz: thanks, adam. nicole, let's get to you. looking at one mobile phone record that has been on a roll. everybody has these things for holiday gifts. nicole: let's take a look at the stock, up nearly 3% on the day. nokia cracked the $4 barrier today. one of the reasons, one of the competitors, htc, could be pushing aside some big plans to compete with nokia. large screen windows phone, and
Dec 15, 2012 5:00am PST
twice the next highest country, number two is yemen. number three is switzerland. switzerland is declining. switzerland mandates that male citizens have that, from well-regulated militia days. yemen is not a place that american policymakers look to emulate in other contexts. i think there are people who say, no, it's not the nra, it's that americans like guns. it's a deep part of our culture. and you people who want to regulate guns, your problem isn't with this industry. your problem is with the american people. your problem is with democracy. your problem is with a population that from the very beginning has had this deep affection, strong connection, culturally to the guns. >> i think if you actually are able to explain to the american people, what am i asking for? anybody that buys a gun, you have to go through a background check. the majority of nra members actually believe that because they know there are honest citizens, most of them are hunters and sportsmen. >> right. right now, we should say that the gun show loophole called means that i think 40%, if i'm not mistaken,
Dec 5, 2012 8:00am PST
on at the patent office, i guess, in switzerland, going over patents that were being submitted. and here's a guy with his ph.d. in physics and all that. anyway, he was interested also in light. he asked a teacher one time, "what would a light beam look like as it goes by?" teacher was, "well, it's going too fast, you can't see it." "you know, what if you go along with it and take a look?" "what do you mean, what if you go along with it and take a look?" "well, how would it look? "will it be a little squiggly wave? what it would look like?" he's all the time asking questions like that, never getting any answers. and he was wondering about the bit with light: light having the same speed for all observers. it's a matter of some history whether he knew about the experiments by michelson and morley-- you read about that-- that told that light speed was the same for all observers. it's even questionable as to whether he knew about that experiment. but the more he thought about light, the more he realized that if you did travel with light, it would look just as if you were at rest and ever
Dec 5, 2012 11:00pm PST
justifiable doubts that a foreign u.n. body, a committee, operating out of geneva switzerland, should decide what is in the best interest of the child at home with his or her parents in utah or in any other state in our great union. >> oh, my god. let me go to ted kennedy on that. ted, have you a disability. you lost a leg to cancer years ago. i've always admired how you've handled it. what does it mean to someone disabled, this bill, to an american? >> well, for disabled americans we feel the republican party have really turned their backs, because what this treaty does, by the way senator kerry has been our champion on this and so many other issues, so i commend senator kerry and senator lugar and the other senators who bucked the trend of the pressure in the right wing of this party to somehow mischaracterize this treaty. the treaty is simple. it simply says a disabled american, including disabled american veterans, are afforded the same rights overseas as they are here at home. which is why 21 leading veterans organizations, including the vfw, american legion, wounded warrior project, ha
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Dec 14, 2012 10:00pm EST
just don't. look at what happened today. >> if you look at switzerland and israel where they don't have gun laws, they have the lowest murder rates. look at israel. people carry guns around on their shoulders. it's not -- >> it's not guns people killing people, it's the people killing people. >> they don't have any gun laws. you see what i'm saying? it's not banning guns that's going to make a change. we need a dialogue? yes. going against second amendment, it's not solving anything. lou: andrea mitchell addressing the issue of ambassador rice and insisting, again, on attaching a racial motivation to the legitimate furry and a representative arme government lying to the american people. then dismissing it as a matter of color. could show be more insulted? >> well, she couldn't be more wrong. i mean, ambassador rice withdrew, said herself she saw her nomination would be conoversial, not only because of the the tragedy in libya, but her actions and support for dictators in africa whenshe was the assistant sec secretary. nothing to do with race, lou. lou: angela? >> listen, lou, it's
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